Production Credits

Lonely, I’m Not, by Paul Weitz; dir. Christopher Campbell-Orrock; West of 10th / The WorkShop Theater, 2017; photography by Will Ortiz

“The Song of Wandering Aengus,” from Tilbury Town, a musical by Peter Langman. Recording and arrangement copyright © 2015 by Joshua Langman. Score copyright © 2002 by Peter Langman. Lyrics by W.B. Yeats.

Marisol, by José Rivera; dir. Martín Balmaceda; Sarah Lawrence College (guest artists), 2016; photography by Simone Jehanghir and Katie Pedro

Antigone, by Sophocles / the ensemble; dir. Craig Pattison; The All Stars Project / Castillo Theatre, 2015; photography by Ronald Glassman

Yoleros, by Alex Vásques Escaño; dir. Martín Balmaceda; Teatrica / IATI Theatre, 2015; photography by Gustavo Mirabile

Home in Motion, by Ellen Winter and the ensemble; dir. Sarah Plotkin; Electric Eye Theatre Company / WOW Café Theatre, 2015; photography by Mara Rothman

Selfies, by Joshua Langman and the ensemble; dir. Joshua Langman; Sarah Lawrence College Theatre Outreach, 2014; photography by Alec Kubas-Meyer

Hippolytus, by Eurypides / Anne Carson; dir. Joseph Faragher; Sarah Lawrence College, 2013; photography by Eli Min

Food for the Gods, written and directed by Nehprii Amenii; Sarah Lawrence College, 2013; photography by Jenny Sharpe

Not a Leg to Stand On, by Lina Meruane; dir. Martín Balmaceda; Sarah Lawrence College, 2013

Vilna's Got a Golem, by Ernest Joselovitz; dir. Jesse Freedman; Sarah Lawrence College, 2012; photography by Jenny Sharpe

Sverginata, by Erin Breznitsky; dir. Tamara Neo Winters; Sarah Lawrence College, 2012

Sam Hell, created by the ensemble; dir. David Neumann; Sarah Lawrence College, 2011

Bent, by Martin Sherman; dir. Howard Jackson; Sarah Lawrence College, 2011